International Conference on Innovative Solution for Managing Tropical Forest and Conserving Biodiversity to Support SDGs

IPB International Convention Centre (IPB ICC)

August 28, 2019 – August 29, 2019


The world is faced with an unprecedented reduction of biodiversity that is occurring in virtually every ecosystem in the world. Concerns about the loss of species globally are well established but only recently have local jurisdictions begun to develop a comprehensive approach to documenting conditions and threats relating to biodiversity. Forest ecosystems, which can be defined by the presence of tree canopies that cover more than 10% of a site, have not escaped the loss of biodiversity. Science and innovation play a very important role in the management of tropical forest and biodiversity conservation.

Approaches to the management of tropical forest and biodiversity conservation based on the notion that nature provides for all beings have become increasingly popular in recent years, and notably so since the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Forest management must change to provide strong support to conservation, valuation and management of biodiversity, combating climate change and contributing to the SDGs, so that all action are easy to communicate and universally applicable to all countries.

Some of the challenges faced in forestry development are strengthening community capacity, enhancing welfare, increasing food security, and halting forest and biodiversity losses. Research, Development and Innovation that focus on managing tropical forests and biodiversity conservation of different types of ecosystems is very important. In these works, there are a lot of research topics that can be done through research activities on agroforestry, paludiculture and agro-silvofishery on such an ecosystems change, biodiversity in forests and landscapes, climate change and ecosystem functions, forest biodiversity monitoring at different spatial scale, and determining valuation of biodiversity and how future biodiversity research will be done. The conference is held discuss the lates reseach, development and innovating works focusing on a range of those issues.


The time of the conference Innovative Solutions for Managing Tropical Forests and Conserving Biodiversity to Support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" aimed to discuss and consolidate:

  1. Innovative solutions for managing tropical forests
  2. Policy and actions for biodiversity conservation
  3. Natural disturbance and biodiversity in forests and landscapes
  4. Biodiversity, climate change and ecosystem function
  5. Monitoring of forest biodiversity at different spatial scales
  6. Valuation of biodiversity
  7. Future Research in the management of biodiversity

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