International Conference on the Improvement of Environmental Quality

IPB International Convention Centre (IPB ICC)

August 27, 2019 – August 29, 2019


Environmental problems which are ranging from ecosystems degradations to low productivities faced by developing countries such as Indonesia. (Amri, Winarso, & Muchlizar, 2018). This is largely due to the population and economic growth of Indonesia (Rajagukguk, 2015). Environmental problems are complex and urgent, requiring comprehensive analysis and integrated synthesis (Anderberg, 2001;Campbell et al., 2015 and Hampton et al., 2017). P3KLL has declared in PUI (Centre of Excellence) to adhere the problems that related to acid deposition, mercury contamination and environment metrology in order to increase the environmental quality.

In addition, within the broader framework, it is also necessary to carry out environmental research and development as well as regular monitoring in order to improve the quality of air, water and land. Thus, the results of various research, development and monitoring are need to be disseminated  though international seminar organized by FOERDIA, which is planned to be implemented simultaneously by its research centers, in which P3KLL will organize special theme "Role of science and technology to support the improvement of environmental quality".

Role of science and technology to support the improvement of environmental quality, which includes several sub-themes, i.e., mercury; acid deposition, environmental metrology; air, water and soil quality; and development of environmental laboratory.

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