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Effect of Plant Preservative Mixture in Tissue Culture Sterilization of Casuarina equisetifolia: An Alternative Fiber Source for Papermaking
Asri Insiana Putri

Last modified: 2019-06-26


Casuarina equisetifoliaL. (cemara udang) is an important raw material for many major paper mills. Tissue culture propagation of is a way to overcome difficulties in achieving large-scale plant production. Explant sterilization from natural environment are a major problem stage to date. In this study, tissue culture sterilization techniques were used for evaluated the axenic culture of C. equisetifolia in vitro with selected explant source. In second stage, we observed the sterilization effects of Plant Preservative Mixture in liquid and solid Woody Plant Medium. One experimental unit has twelve combination treatments with twenty repeated explants in each treatment. After one month of culture showed that the application of 4 mg/l Plant Preservative Mixture at two days shake incubation reduced contamination, resulting in the highest average of axenic explants. Auxiliary shoot from the nodule regenerated in vitro in three months sub cultured. This is the first report of successful sterilization and reduced contamination of C. equisetifoliaexplants from naturally field grown. The low rates of mortality of explants in initiation stage grow well up to six months of observation.Moreover, established shoot elongation of plantlets as in vitro stool plants were observed for mass production.


Keywords: Casuarina equisetifolia L., axenic culture, Plant Preservative Mixture

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