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Impact of breeding in managing genetic resources: a review referencing with Acacias and Eucalypts
Arif Nirsatmanto

Last modified: 2019-05-24


Declining genetic resources for some species is evident due to biotic and abiotic pressures which are aggravated by inappropriate management of conservation and utilisation. Although breeding is one of good practices for increasing the uses of genetic resources, inadequate breeding strategy could be the source of the diminishing genetic resources. Acacias and Eucalypts are among the most progressed species in breeding due to its fast growth and high value wood for industries. Besides improving productivity, breeding program should be continued to overcome the increasing threats of pest, disease, and climate change. However, there appeared to be some problems with the developing advanced generations breeding, particularly those related to small genetic diversity as an impact of the decreased genetic resources and the breeding processes. Therefore, ensuring the sustainability benefits of germplasm for future uses, managing genetic resources and breeding practices should be properly linked. In this paper we review the impact of current adopted breeding strategy of Acacias and Eucalypts on the declining genetic resources. We also review some results of breeding for identifying the impact of increasing genetic gain on genetic diversity. Possible ways to improve breeding strategy while maintaining genetic resources for the target species are discussed.


advanced generation breeding, breeding strategy, genetic conservation, genetic diversity, tree improvement

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