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Impact of Within Family Variation on Growth Superiority of Improved Seed of Eucalyptus pellita Observed in Gain Trial
Betty Rahma Handayani, Sri Sunarti, Arif Nirsatmanto, Teguh Setyaji, Dwi Kartikaningtyas, Surip Surip

Last modified: 2019-05-24


Progenies from two seedling seed orchard (SSO) consisting of the same families could perform different growth. Concerning this fact, improved seed of Eucalyptus pellita collected from two SSO based primarily on the same families and provenances were tested together in genetic gain trial. The study aims to observe the impact of mother trees in the two SSO on growth superiority of the improved seed. The trial was established in Wonogiri, Central Java which was laid out in randomized complete block design, three seed sources: SSO-A,SSO-B and one seed stand (as control), 100 trees/plot, 6 replications and spacing 4×2 m. Measurements were conducted at seven periodical times (16 months up to 66 months ages). Improved seed from the two SSO displayed better growth than the seed from seed stand at all measurements. The growth superiority of SSO over the control varied among the two SSO. SSO-A showed consistently higher superiority relative to SSO-B, on average  110%, 236%, 122% and 165 % in height, dbh, stem volume, and stand volume, respectively. The results demonstrated the important of within family variation of E. pellita in establishing seed orchard for seed production and further breeding.


seedling seed orchard, tree improvement, seed production, genetic variation

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