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Opportunities for restoring degraded land for food, energy and environment in Indonesia
Himlal Baral

Last modified: 2019-05-24


Vast areas of degraded land in Indonesia could be utilised for food and biofuel production, potentially fulfilling both demands for food, energy, and for land restoration. This talk provides an overview of potential and challenges associated with biofuel production from degraded land in Indonesia. Preliminary findings indicate that several biofuel species are suitable to be grown on degraded land using agroforesty systems. Our initial findings also show that farmers prefer tree species they are accustomed to and know how to grow and manage, and they need to be able to rely on stable markets. Supportive agricultural extension services such as knowledge and technology for honey production can provide added value to biofuel production, in addition to social (e.g. strengthening social solidarity, employment opportunities) and environmental (e.g. carbon storage, soil moisture, erosion control, biodiversity) benefits.

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Degraded lands; landscape restoration; biofuel species; socio-economic benefit; people’s preference; policy

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