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Genetic diversity of Shorea producing tengkawang populations in Kalimantan based on SSR Markers
Purnamila Sulistyawati, AYPBC Widyatmoko, Rizki Maharani

Last modified: 2019-05-24


Shorea producing tengkawang grows naturally in Indonesia, however several species are know listed in the IUCN as endangered species. Their presences in natural forests are becaming scarce nowadays so that it requires conservation efforts such as the construction of ex-situ conservation plots. This research aims to obtain data and information about the genetic diversity structure of several species of Shorea producing tengkawang. The genetic materials were leaf of seedling in nursery those collected from 11 (eleven) populations consisting of 4 (four) species of Shorea producing tengkawang. Total of samples were 264. The method used 4 pairs of microsatellite DNA markers (SSR), data analysis using POPGENE and GenAleX. The results show various genetic distances between populations, ranging from 0.028 to 1.510 with the value of genetic diversity in the population larger (72%) than among the population (28%). Genetic diversity in the population ranges from 0.5269 - 0.8244. Cluster analysis shows that the existing Shorea producing shorea population does not form a specific grouping. This genetic diversity information will be used as the basics data for the development of Shorea producing tengkawang ex-situ conservation plots


Shorea, tengkawang, genetic diversity, microsatellite marker, conservation

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