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Molecular characterization of Indonesian Gonystylus species
Istiana Prihatini

Last modified: 2019-05-24


Five of Gonystylus species in Indonesia are classified as vulnerable in the IUCNs Red List of Threatened Species. Conservation effort to protect these species is currently attempted by establishing conservation plots. Management strategy for conservation requires proper identification of species. We conducted this study to confirm the identification of ramin (Gonystylus spp.) that have been categorized base on morphological characters. Twenty four samples representing 9 different species of ramin were extracted to obtain the DNAs. Four different set of primers were used to amplify partial ITS rDNA and three chloroplast non coding regions sequences. DNA sequences were analyzed using BLAST online software to identify the species and phylogenetic analysis was conducted to confirm their relationship. ITS sequence was proved to be an effective character to discriminate Gonystylus species compares to sequences of other regions. Based on molecular characters, one sample of Aquilaria was misidentified as Gonystylus, and the other 23 samples were clustered into seven groups. The clustering of those samples based on molecular characters was disagree with clustering based on morphological characters. This finding suggests that molecular characterization should be conducted to confirm the identification of species prior to establishing conservation areas.


Ramin barcoding, species identification, internal transcribed spacer, chloroplast DNA

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