The objective

The objective of the REDSPOC INAFOR EXPO 2019 is to share information and knowledge in the forestry and environment research, development an innovation in Indonesia by focusing on recommendation/policy options in the form of series of international conference, exhibition, photo competition, and innovation award. It includes overseas work relevant to Indonesian condition.

The main objectives of the REDSPOC INAFOR EXPO 2019 are as follows:

  • Bringing together forestry and environmental scientists from all over Indonesia, to be internationally recognized;
  • Providing a forum for exchanging information, ideas, experiences, in a number of state of the art forestry and environment research,  development  and innovation fields for both national and international scientists;
  • Building a strong network amongst researchers and forestry and environment research institutes in Indonesia.
  • To facilitate centres and institutes under FOERDIA to have an international conference for their PUI Programs.


1. Prof Digby Race (ACIAR/University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD   Australia)

2. William McGoldrick (Dir. Conserv. Asia Pasific Reg, The Nature Conservancy)

3. Brian Cohen (INBAR)

4. Dr. M. Zahrul Muttaqin (Foreign Cooperation Berau, Ministry of   Environment and Forestry)

5. Firman Taufik (North Sumatera Hydro Energy)

6. Marcel J. Silvius ( Global Green Growth Insitute)

7. Dr. Virni Budi Arifanti (Center for Research and Development on Social, Economy, Policy and Climate Change)