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The potency of Development Glochidion sericeum as herbal medicine from Sumatra Forest
Etik Erna Wati Hadi, Asmaliyah Asmaliyah, Efendi Agus Waluyo

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Date: 2019-08-28 01:40 PM – 01:50 PM
Last modified: 2019-07-02


The group of diseases that human are more likely to suffer from is a group of degenerative metabolic diseases, some of them might have a high risk of causing death, such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.  The disease in the degenerative metabolic group requires a long-term treatment. Treatment is done with synthetic drugs which in the long run can cause side effects. Hence,  people start looking for alternative treatments using ingredients from nature. Medicines from natural ingredients are also considered to have almost no harmful side effects. One type of plants that has been used by the community for generations and is believed to be effective in treating ulcer disease is Glochidion sericeum. However, the exploitation of the bark, where most of exploited is its bark, caused the trees to languish and eventually die.  So far, there has been no scientific research on the content of active ingredients and biological activity of G. sericeum, as well as the cultivation effort. Therefore, this research aims to determine the content of the active ingredients and the efficacy of the leaves of G. sericeum as herbal medicinal ingredients. The methods used in this study are: 1) Sample preparation, samples are taken from Sukaraja village, Ulu Krui sub-district, Pesisir Barat district, Lampung Province; 2) Quantitative phytochemical screening and 3) Tests of biological activities namely antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemia (anticolesterol) were carried out at the Biochemistry Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, Lambung Mangkurat University, Banjar Baru, South Kalimantan. The test results showed that the water extract of G. sericeum leaves contained a flavonoid, steroids, tannins, alkaloids and saponins. Based on the results of the biological activity test, the leaves of G. sericeum have efficacy as an antidiabetic and an anticholesterol.



Keyword: herbal, medicine, forest, antidiabetic, anticolesterol

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